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Sanderson Pipe Makes the Difference

Sanderson Pipe Corporation is proud to manufacture quality PVC Pipe for the plumbing, irrigation, municipal, and waterworks markets throughout the Midwest and Southeast. Making pipe, depending on location, anywhere from 1/2″ to 24″ in diameter. We focus on producing quality product, being easy to do business with, and delivering on time while also providing excellent customer service. 

Map of Sanderson Pipe Sales Area

Houston, TX | Pittsburg, KS | Clarksville, TN | Sanderson, FL

Based in Clarksville, TN with other locations in Sanderson, FL; Pittsburg, KS; and Houston, TX.


Operating since 1971, Texas United Pipe (previously United Plastics until they changed their name in 1990) making 1/2″ -8″ pipe became a part of Sanderson Pipe in 2019. Expanding the plumbing and irrigation presence in Texas.

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